Looking to Buy a New Car Seat?

orb babies in bloom car seatLook no further. We’ve fallen in love with Clek and are thrilled to be the ONLY retailer in San Diego County selling their innovative and award winning seats.

We currently have three stylish Clek seats available in our Boutique, all with fun names: the Foonf, the Fllo and the Oobr.

It’s the Foonf however that’s really catching our eye. Suitable for 14 lb babies (or 5+ lbs when used with the Infant-Thingy), it’s honestly one of the most impressive car seats on the market.

What’s so great about it you ask? Well, you know us, we only stock things we really believe in, both as parents and for parents, so let us fill you in quickly on this self-proclaimed ‘mother of all car seats.’

The big selling point for the Foonf is that while it is a convertible seat, it will let you rear-face for longer (up to 50lb). And we all know thanks to simple physics that rear facing is the safest position you can put your child in. It simply offers the best protection for your precious cargo’s head, neck and spine.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping a child rear-facing until at least two, the Foonf is built to keep little ones safe and content in the rear-facing position until approximately FOUR, should you wish to do so.

Four? Won’t a rear-facing position be really cramped for the child? And won’t they protest?

A common first thought, but think about Sweden. Four is the norm for rear-facing travel over there and their safety records speak volumes. Unlike other rear-facing seats currently available, the Foonf has been designed with more than adequate leg room, as well as a generous shell height for your growing child. Many parents have seen their child outgrow their rear-facing seat by height before weight, but with the Foonf, you have a better chance of nearing the maximum weight recommendation first. It’s high!  In most vehicles the Foonf will also give children just the right height to still look out of the windows for entertainment too. Something not all other rear-facing seats can offer.clek-foonf-2016-convertible-car-seat-babies in bloom

Another standout feature to note is the Foonf’s clever Anti-Rebound Bar, which helps improve stability and limit the rotation of the seat in the event of a collision.

When the time comes to turn forward-facing, (up to 65lb with Foonf), parents will still have peace of mind on the road thanks to Foonf’s smart safety technology. It features the REACT™ Safety System (Rapid Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology) which mimics crumble zone technology found in vehicles and actively reduces the force impact of a frontal collision on a child by up to 40%*

Then there’s the advanced side impact protection thanks to the seat’s metal substructure, three layers of energy absorbing foam and an adjustable head rest for optimal head protection.  This, along with the seat’s no stress rigid-latch installation, makes it easy to love. Especially when we tell you that its compact size makes three-across seating possible. Hooray!

The Fllo car seat that is also available in store has a lot of similarities to the Foonf. With identical height and weight limits, it offers the same extended rear-facing up to 50lb. It boasts a lot of Foonf’s safety features too, like the advanced side impact protection and Anti Rebound Bar. However there are some notable differences, like NO rigid latch system with Fllo and an EACT system (Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology) instead of the Foonf’s REACT™ Safety System. We know it can get confusing, so we have a handy parent friendly comparison chart in-store if you really want to dig deep and compare the two.

The Oobr full back booster (suitable for 4+) is also in stock and is engineered with front, back and side impact protection, complete with a solid metal frame, belt guides for accurate belt positioning, energy absorbing foam, a structural head rest and rigid latch installation. A great safety investment for the pre-school years and beyond.

We know buying a car seat isn’t a quick or easy decision. Safety and trust in a product is essential for family road confidence. But if Clek seats sound of initial interest, we’d recommend checking online for independent reviews. And why not pop in to the Boutique? We have the Foonf on display, so you can get up close to see the size and quality of the seat for yourself. You can also chat with Katie, our Child Safety Passenger Technician. She would be happy to answer your questions (and all car seats purchased at Babies in Bloom come with a complementary education and inspection). You can visit Clek’s website here too for further product information and product videos.

Hope to see you soon!


*based on independent crash testing of Foonf convertible child seat using federal testing standard FMVSS213 (more severe than 97% of real world).


Dads in the Media

babies in bloom birth center boutique dadsOne quick flick through a celebrity magazine, or a scroll through Facebook’s newsfeed, and you’d be forgiven for thinking there are only two types of dads out there.

The first being the ‘babysitter dads’. You know, the ones who don’t know what they are doing. The ones who are comedy gold. The guys who will dress their kids in the wrong outfits. Those who will take parenting shortcuts, like the dad who went viral for vacuuming his daughter’s hair in to a perfect ponytail (they laughed and called him resourceful. If it is was a mom, what’s the bet it would be irresponsible?). We’re talking about the guys who ‘can’t cope’ in standard parenting situations. Like the dad whose texts to his partner when their kid was throwing up in the car went viral. Those guys get a lot of laughs.

Then there’s the ‘superstar celeb dads’ that the media tell us moms to go puppy eyed for. Superstars because they do radical stuff like……..change diapers, feed their kids, brush their hair, babywear. The one’s the media place on a paternal pedestal. Not for going above and beyond, but simply for parenting. For doing the ordinary baby chores or ‘mom’ jobs. (Note, this is the same media who often tells us how dangerous it can be to overpraise our children. But for grown men, it seems ok…)

As long as the media continues to simplify its definition of ‘dad’ and promote problematic gender roles, the true diversity of modern fatherhood will remain disguised, and more importantly, undermined.

Sure, there are dads out there who aren’t very hands on at home for one reason or another. There are moms like that too! Yes, there are dads that can and do struggle when flying solo with a baby. But there are also many many wonderful stay at home dads. Many dads who will do the school drop off and pick up. Many dads who will race home for that bedtime story. Dads who can change a diaper with their eyes closed. Dads who do the night feed. Dads who style their kids hair. Dads who just get the jobs done without thinking twice. With no elevated expectations of praise. You get the point….there are just so many everyday dads that fly under the radar.

The truth is, great dads come in all different shapes and sizes. The majority, like moms, are simply trying to do their best for their family. There really is no such thing as a secondary parent. Parenting isn’t a competition between mom and dad on who does what and how often. There is no one definition or one way to be a good dad.  It’s about respect, love, support and compromise. Doing what works for the people you love.

So this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate dad diversity – all those dads who fly under the media radar. All those, who like moms, are learning on the job each and every day of their child’s life. Those who are always doing their very best and loving their very most.

Dads, we love you! We thank you! We appreciate all you do for us, and with us. Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s to Best Friends!

Nothing tests a friendship like having kids right?

Between the endless feeding, changing, chasing and general ‘keeping them alive’ daily activities ….not to mention the overflowing laundry basket and constant cries of neglect from your vacuum, it can be a struggle to stay on top of friendships. Even your very nearest and dearest ones. The calls, the messages, the invitations, they all too often get buried in the beautiful chaos of family life.

Hands up if you feel, or have ever felt, like a terrible friend since having kids? Do you beat yourself up about it? Yep, us too. All the time. We’re pretty sure it’s part of the whole mom guilt thing we are all cursed with postpartum.

The truth is, it’s a tough juggling act. Sometimes the balls come crashing down.

We have all had those friends who backed off after birth, or took offence to the ‘M.I.A you’ post children. Those friendships fizzled out pretty quickly. You might also have those who complain at how ‘they never see you anymore’? Those who always expect you to travel with kids to them. Or those that harbor resentment when they see you popping up on Facebook on a playdate with your new ‘mommy friend’ or worse still….when you forget a birthday – thanks baby brain *face palm.*

And then there is pure gold. The ones that just get it. Your rocks. Your constants. Your saviours. Your BEST FRIENDS!

The ones who know that your silence isn’t selfish. That no contact doesn’t mean no love.

The ones that know that friendship is measured by much more than actual time spent together.

The ones who your kids see as family.

The ones who see through your smile and know when you need a shoulder to cry on.

The ones who will bring you over a fully cooked meal or simply watch the kids while you take a looooooong bath.

The ones who don’t make you feel boring when you are sitting in on a Friday night – of course they’ll join you and watch Coyote Ugly for the zillionth time!

This week, it’s National Best Friends Day (June 8th). So Mamas, let’s hear it for our best friends! They keep us strong. They keep us smiling. And they keep us sane. They show us what real friendship and sisterhood is all about and make us want to be a better friend.

We would be lost without them wouldn’t we? So amidst the chaos this week, just do your best to drop them a line to let them know how much you adore them. But if you forget, don’t worry, they’ll forgive you. Because they are THAT awesome!