Free Classes

Cloth Diaper & Baby Carrier Garage Sale

Shop for cloth diaper and baby carrier bargains or come and sell your stash! This is a great way to try out different systems without breaking the bank!

If you need to thin out your collection, this is THE place to do it (and meet lots of other Cloth Diapering/Babywearing parents too!).

If you would like to sell your stash please click here to sign up…

Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Education Night

Did you know your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue contains life-saving stem cells that can protect your family from 80 different diseases including some cancers?  Join us Monday, November 13th at 6:30p to learn more about cord blood and cord tissue stem cells and why you should cryopreserve your baby’s precious stem cells! We will have mocktails (non-alcholic cocktails),  light refreshments, and raffling off a gift basket of sought after baby items from Babies in Bloom (with brands like Little Unicorn, Solly Baby, Jelly Cat and more!).  Please RSVP to Hope to see you there!

Lactation Lounge
Lactation Lounge

Do you have questions about breastfeeding? Would you like to weigh your baby and see how he/she is growing? Would you like to meet other new mothers and babies? Join us for our Breastfeeding Support Group! This group is open to all mothers in the community and is facilitated by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. We meet every Tuesday and Friday to provide encouragement and foster a sense of community. Registration is not required and the class is free.

Special Needs Parent Connection
Special Needs Parent Connection

This parent to parent support group is led by two mamas with their own special needs kiddos. As parents of special needs children, we know first hand how isolating and challenging this journey can be when you lack a village of peers. We wanted to create a place for all parents in search of support, understanding and most importantly, community as we raise our children with special needs.

Open to all parents; whether your child has a formal diagnosis or not. Join us for an evening of sharing, listening, and learning from each other’s journeys.