In addition to midwifery and lactation services, we have several other providers available to meet your needs before, during and after pregnancy. These services are all provided at the Babies in Bloom Birth and Wellness Center.


Placenta Encapsulation

Kelly Pappas

Placentas have been used for postpartum health and healing since women began having babies. Utilizing your placenta has the potential to help with postpartum depression, lactation difficulties, postpartum bleeding, stress and transition, replenishing nutrients and helping mothers have an all around happier post-birth journey.

To learn more about the different types of placenta services available, including encapsulation, tinctures, salves, prints and more, please contact Kelly or visit her website.

homeopathy san diego


Willow Brutlag

Homeopathy is useful for chronic and acute issues. A chronic complaint is something that keeps returning or has been with the person for a long enough time that acute symptomatic care isn’t helping anymore, they would like to try a holistic approach to their treatment, or want an overall immune system boost.  Some examples are chronic ear infections, anxiety, colds and flus that last longer than 4 weeks, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, and many more.  Along with homeopathic remedies, Willow also offers nutritional and supplement recommendations to treat the whole person. Willow is also available for acute care and remedy recommendations for colds, flus, ear infections, morning sickness, etc.  Results are seen within hours to a couple days depending on the ailment. Contact Willow here.


Child Passenger
Safety Technician

Katie Prochaska

Have you heard about events where folks get one-on-one personalized instruction on how to properly use their child’s car seat? As a CPS technician, Katie will put her knowledge to work through a variety of activities, including child safety seat checks where parents and caregivers receive education and hands-on assistance with the proper use of child restraint systems and seat belts. A majority of parents still misuse their child restraints and need help to get it right. Call 760-940-2229 to make an appointment.

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Certified Babywearing Educators

Ali & Karen

If you would like to try on carriers with your child, please make an appointment for a Fitting or Consultation with one of our Certified Babywearing Educators (who have received specialized training and certification from the Center for Babywearing Studies). Why schedule a consultation? At Babies in Bloom, the safety and comfort of you and your little one are our top concern. We want to ensure adequate time to educate you on the proper use of the carriers we carry. By setting up an appointment with a Certified Babywearing Educator, you will be getting our undivided attention, as well as all the information you need to know that your baby is being worn correctly and safely. We look forward to helping you “carry on!” Call 760-940-2229 to make an appointment.