Many birth centers are staffed by a team of midwives that take turns being “on-call” for births. We believe in the importance of being with a care provider that you choose; one who sees you throughout your pregnancy and supports your birth. Please contact the midwives below for more information about their practices.

Birth Matters
Michelle Freund, LM
(760) 757-8650

Aerie Midwifery
Karen Ruby Brown, CNM
(858) 707-5765

Paula’s Midwifery
Paula Tipton-Healy, LM
(760) 709-7396

San Diego Midwife
La Shel Montgomery, CNM
Jamin Sylvada, LM
(760) 809-9396

Ocean Midwives
Andrea S. Meyer, LM
Whitney Stolman, LM
(760) 436-9166