Several views of our private birthing room

Our beautiful, homelike birthing center gives you the opportunity to have the kind of birth YOU want to have.

We have everything you need for a safe and comfortable birth experience where your needs and wishes are respected.

Our facility includes a completely private room with a birthing tub, a beautiful, comfortable waiting area, lots of natural light, with a lovely nature trail just outside our door.

When you use our birthing center, you get the use of all of our facilities, and you get to use your midwife. At many birthing centers you’ll work with the on-call midwife when you give birth, but we believe it’s important that you get to work with someone you have chosen and who has known you throughout your pregnancy.

We welcome your children, your parents, and your friends so you can decide who will be with you or near you as you give birth. You’ll have access to our many resources: continuing support; holistic pain management; and information on infant care, breastfeeding, parenting, and family planning.

We are accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers and licensed by the California Department of Public Health.

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A Babies in Bloom mamma and her newborn

How it Works, in Brief

  1. Take a Tour
  2. Find a Midwife
  3. Reserve the Space
  4. Sign up for our Classes
  5. Call your Midwife When Labor Begins
  6. Give Birth!


Do your homework about birth center billing to help you estimate the costs involved with having your baby at Babies in Bloom.

Many people have questions about the costs of having your baby at our Birth Center. We do accept several types of insurance, as well as offer cash plans for those whose insurance does not cover birth center birth. We know that the financial aspect is an important part of your decision in choosing where and with whom to give birth. We understand that it hard to pay for these services yourself when insurance may cover 100% for a different provider or a hospital birth. We believe having a baby is a special event that is an investment in your lives and worth the cost. It is all about what you value and a choice you make. We offer a unique opportunity and most care providers have several flexible payment options available that make the financial aspect of your birth work for those who truly desire it.

Sign up for our fantastic childbirth education classes (FREE for birthing center clients!)

Fortunately for you, we happen to provide some of the best classes around taught by just some of the best women you could ever hope to meet who will ensure you are fully informed and equipped to have a wonderful birth experience. Best of all, these classes are complimentary for our birth center clients! When you register to give birth at Babies in Bloom, you may take advantage of the following classes and services at no extra cost: a childbirth preparation series, Breastfeeding 101 class, Baby Care Basics class, ten sessions of prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation and a lactation consultation after baby arrives.

Register with Babies in Bloom and reserve your space.

To ensure an intimate space to welcome your baby, we only accept a limited number of families each month. We ask that you allow 15 to 30 minutes to register in person at our Birth Center. You will need to bring your $325 deposit (we accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards) and your registration forms. Please note that Babies in Bloom must bill all insurance carriers as a matter of protocol, whether or not your plan covers maternity costs.

Babies in Bloom then coordinates your birth with your chosen midwife.

We notify your midwife of your registration, and you gain access to your electronic health record. Many midwives conduct one of your last prenatal appointments at Babies in Bloom, in a birth suite. This “trial run” allows you to become more familiar with the surroundings and amenities available to you during your birth.

When your labor begins, call your midwife.

Babies in Bloom Birth Center does not provide around-the-clock staffing, so every client must be in the care of a midwife who has delivery privileges with us. Our staff will prepare your birth suite and meet you when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about having my baby at Babies in Bloom Birth Center?

It’s important to know that you get to choose your own midwife. In fact, it’s the first step of the process in signing up for renting our facility. The first thing you need to is choose a midwife. Once you have chosen, you can put down your deposit to reserve the room.

How do I find a midwife?

Our resource list of recommended practitioners is a wonderful place to start. Take your time, meet with a few, and make your decision based on whom you feel most connected with and confident in to help make your birth everything you want it to be.

How long can I expect to stay at Babies in Bloom Birth & Wellness Center?

It is common to stay for four to six hours after the birth of your baby.

Who will help care for my newborn?

Every midwife has her own newborn care protocols, so be sure you understand and feel comfortable with those of your chosen midwife.