Thank goodness for the likes of Anne Hathaway, Chrissy Teigen and Blake Lively! We’re naming but a few celeb moms who are publically shutting down mom body shamers:

“There is no shame in gaining weight during pregnancy (or ever),” posted Hathaway on Instagram recently. “There is no shame if it takes longer than you think it will to lose the weight (if you want to lose it at all). There is no shame in finally breaking down and making your own jean shorts because last summer’s are just too dang short for this summer’s thighs….Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink… It’s all love (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) Peace xx #noshame #lovewhatyouhavebeengiven.”

Amen to that Anne! No shame.

Isn’t it crazy,…actually scrap crazy. Isn’t it infuriating that a mom body defence is even needed at all? Isn’t it insane to think of how people will use social media for spiteful remarks? To people they don’t even know.

Every new mom will know that you already feel a stranger in your own body post birth. It’s different. Unfamiliar. The last thing you need is external judgement or expectations. We think actress Kerry Washington said it best when she said post birth that: “My body is the site of a miracle right now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle.” YES! Let’s have some more of that pride please!

A mom body needs to be celebrated for what it has done. What it is capable of. Not what it currently looks like. Or should look like according to some Hollywod standard. And we’re glad more and more celeb moms are using their high profile to draw attention to mom shaming and pressures. Particularly across their own personal social media accounts.

But that’s the trouble with social media isn’t it? It’s an amazing place for support, friendship, tips and laughs. Even the occasional tiredness vent. But it’s also rife with judgement, competition, boasting and a tiring sense of superiority. It can be a parent’s best friend AND worst nightmare all in one. If you let it, it can leave you feeling like a failure and fuel that darn mom guilt that follows us around everywhere.

So remember, be careful how you use social media and who you surround yourself with in this online space. Especially in the early months and years. Stop reading those articles which are telling you that you are doing it wrong. Those articles who congratulate new moms for losing that baby weight like it’s a must. They don’t know you or your baby. Stop engaging with those people who are making you feel small. Just remember not everything looks as perfect as people try to portray. Just take the good from social media – the support, the tips and the cuteness overload.  And be proud of what you and your body have achieved. And who YOU are as a loving parent.

Just like the wise ol’ Dr Suess said: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.  Love yourself. Love your babies. Love your style. Embrace changes as you grow and enjoy the ride! Your way. Always.