5 Baby Toys that Will Stand the Test of Time (and are available at the BiB Boutique)


  1. Smart NogginStik ($24.99)

You can’t find many toys that are specifically marketed to babies from birth to 12 months — a whole year!? Nonsense, right? Wrong! The Smart NogginStik actually delivers on that promise, and provides parents with a guide to show you how to use this Stik as your little one moves along through each developmental leap. First, it is a handy light, you can use to help your baby learn to track with their eyes, then as a tool to introduce sound, and next, grasp and shakes! Your child will surely find entertainment in discovering and mastering the many ways this toy helps them grow their own lil’ noggin.


  1. Jellycat Tails Activity Books ($16.50)

Research suggests that reading to our children, even as early as in the womb, can help with language development and literacy skills — no pressure! Finding a book that will keep them engaged can sometimes be pretty challenging though, especially when your baby is more interested in rolling, scooting and exploring (basically three months and beyond!). Jellycat Activity Books are excellent in that they are a tactile object and book in one. From crinkly pages to brightly colored tails and fabric, the pages literally come to life for your little one, as you read along through the accompanying story. Even as an introductory toy, your infant will love grabbing and chewing on this book with delight, and that will surely set them up to be a bookworm for years to come.


  1. Activity Rug and Toy Sets ($29.99)

Another multi-faceted treasure, the activity rug and toy sets are the perfect place to set your newborn down for tummy time and sensory stimulation, to help your infant work on motor skills and rolling with the cars and other toys included, and for your toddler to practice using their imagination. Everything else aside, it makes for a nice decorative feature in a playroom or nursery! The opportunities are endless with these rugs, and if you happen to snag one, it is sure to last you well beyond your child’s first year. Lastly, imagine all the adorable photos you’ll be able to capture of your little one playing on this rug, and use to track their growth as the months fly by.


  1. Shopping Cart ($69.99) and Wheely Animals (from $74.95)

Each of these toys are popular staples for pint sized shoppers at the boutique, and for good reason! While it is important to note the age recommendations are for older tots, under supervision your baby can enjoy slowly venturing outside their comfort zone using these rolly props. The shopping cart, for example, can grow with your child from early walker to three and beyond. At the early stages, you can also use it to show them how to put things away, and as they grow older, for imaginative shopping play. The wheely (available in ladybug, bee, panda and more) has similar growth potential, starting as something your baby can use to strengthen their balance and walking skills, and eventually as a scooter and fun, comfy seat.


  1. BeginAgain Bathtub Ball ($24.95)

Who doesn’t remember years of bath time play? While your baby is still too small to move around in the tub, bath toys are great ways to keep them happy  and stimulated. This bathtime ball is also something they can easily grip with its large hex patterned holes, and the toys are all different colors and textures! Once your child is more independent in the tub, they will surely enjoy squirting and splashing with the shark, diver and octopus! All items are made with natural rubber so they are sure to last for years of bathtime adventures!