We want you to have the best possible birth experience with Babies in Bloom, so to ensure there are no unexpected surprises around the costs of birthing with us, we encourage you to completely read our financial policies and speak with your insurance company about the details of your plan so you fully understand and can plan for your out-of-pocket expenses.

Babies in Bloom will bill for services as a facility. Your midwife will bill separately as a provider for your prenatal care and birth. We do work with insurance.  Each insurance company is different, and each plan within a particular insurance company is different as well.  The best way to know what your insurance reimbursement might be is to do a verification of benefits. Our professional billing company will contact your insurance company and verify your benefit coverage for the billing codes we use, and they will give you an estimate of benefits based upon their conversations with the insurance company.

The following is a list of basic Birth Center costs.

Reservation Fee

All birth centers in California are required  to ensure a second trained person is immediately available in the birth center during each birth. Babies in Bloom fulfills this responsibility and ensures optimal safety for each birth by requiring every family to reserve a qualified birth assistant. All birth assistants, or BAs, are trained in neonatal and adult resuscitation as well as all birth center procedures. They are available to assist your midwife any time, night or day, 365 days a year. Babies in Bloom Birth Center requires a non-refundable $325 registration fee to cover the cost of her services. In doing so, you reserve your BA for your birth, so she will be on call and available whenever your baby decides to be born.

Private Insurance

Babies in Bloom Birth Center holds contracts with many insurance companies. However, we always recommend that every family contact their insurance company individually to ensure your specific policy covers a birth at Babies in Bloom.

Occasionally Babies in Bloom may not be a contracted provider with your insurance company, but the Birth Center fees may be covered under out-of-network benefits. Once again, you will find the best information by contacting our biller or your insurance company to discuss your options.

Financial Policy

A few specifics to keep in mind: Babies in Bloom Birth Center bills for services as a facility, while your midwife bills separately as an individual provider for your prenatal care and for your baby’s birth.

If you or your baby must be transferred to a local hospital in the course of your admission at Babies in Bloom Birth Center, both Babies in Bloom and the hospital will bill separately for services provided.

We accept most forms of payment, including cash, check, money orders, credit and debit cards. All returned checks will incur an insufficient funds fee.

Cash Policy

For those families without insurance, we are able to offer a courtesy discount. Please contact us for more details

Included Services & Classes

As part of the facility fee, you will receive the following classes and services at no additional cost: our Essentials for Childbirth series, Breastfeeding 101 class, Baby Care Basics class, ten sessions of prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation and a lactation consultation after baby arrives.