TantrumDid you hear about the mom in the UK who was asked to leave a department store because her toddler was having a tantrum? She was literally mid trying to calm her daughter down (we’ve all been there right?!) when a member of staff approached her and made her leave the shop.

Can you believe that? Like a tantrum is the easiest or most fun part of any parent’s day! This poor mom really didn’t need that on top of a hysterical 16 month old. It may have happened many thousands of miles away, but our hearts went out to that mama as soon as we heard this story.

The UK store, called John Lewis, has since apologized and issued a statement saying: “We are very sorry that Mrs. Robinson was upset after visiting our shop and have arranged for a delivery of flowers.” Regarding the member of staff who asked her to vacate the premises they added: “We are speaking to him about what happened and how we could have been more sympathetic to Mrs. Robinson and her daughter.”

We all know that toddlers come with bad reputations –cue the all too negative phrases like ‘Terrible Twos’ and ‘Three-nagers’ The simple truth is toddlers and tantrums just go hand in hand. We accept it. We take a deep breath, we dig deep and we deal with it as best we can.

But even if we deal with tantrums in the most respectful and supportive manner, it doesn’t mean it will STOP!  Anyone with a toddler will know that you can be absolutely powerless in a tantrum situation – and more than often, clueless as to what even started it.

If it is a public tantrum, you can become acutely aware of people around you and hyper paranoid of their judgements. Sometimes tantrums can make you can feel like a horrible mom. Sometimes you can feel defeated. Sometimes just plain embarrassment. But it’s always important we remember that this is normal and this too shall pass.  They are not being naughty, manipulative or bad – they are just being toddlers.

And minutes after a tantrum, your little one will no doubt flash you that award winning smile that makes your heart melt. They’ll maybe tell you they love you, hug you, or will start laughing hysterically at something else that’s caught their eye. Or maybe they’ll finally fall sound asleep. Phew, it’s over. All is forgiven and forgotten. Until next time.


We were thrilled to have Dr. Kim from The Parentologist with us for BabyFest 2016 recently. While she was on stage talking about the importance of a support network for parents, she reminded us of her top ten tips for handling a temper tantrum. These are essential tips all parents need to read and share – you can find them here.

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