If you would like to learn more about how a carrier works, Babies in Bloom employees are happy to answer your questions and demonstrate its use with our specially weighted babywearing doll. If you would like to try on carriers with your child, please make an appointment for a Fitting or Consultation with one of our Certified Babywearing Educators (who have received specialized training and certification from the Center for Babywearing Studies).

Why schedule a consultation? At Babies in Bloom, the safety and comfort of you and your little one are our top concern. We want to ensure adequate time to educate you on the proper use of the carriers we carry. By setting up an appointment with a Certified Babywearing Educator, you will be getting our undivided attention, as well as all the information you need to know that your baby is being worn correctly and safely. We look forward to helping you “carry on!”

Pregnant? Feel free to attend a 101 class or schedule a consultation. Gaining the information to baby is a fantastic way to set yourself up for babywearing success once baby has arrived.

What we offer:

Babywearing 101 Class: 2nd Saturday of every month- $10 (receive a $10 gift card for attending) This class is for those who have little to no babywearing knowledge and would like a quiet classroom in which to discover and understand the different types and workings of carriers. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and informed with all of your options, to make the best decision for your family. During the class, you will have the opportunity to learn the individualized benefits of each type of carrier- ring slings, woven wraps, stretchy wraps, mei tais, and soft-structured carriers – as well as ask any questions you have regarding babywearing. The instructor will demonstrate each carrier from start to finish, so you leave with an understanding of which carrier will suit your family best.

Consultations: $40 for one hour (consultation fee applied toward the purchase of a carrier within 30 days.) Interested in babywearing, but have no idea where to begin? Prefer to learn one-on-one instead of a in a classroom environment? Wherever you are in your babywearing journey, this consult will suit your needs! Our certified babywearing consultants will work with you to determine which style of carrier will likely suit you best. From there, try on the different brands and find what you love. Finally, learn how to properly put on and take off the carrier. In other words, this consult time is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your babywearing needs.

Fittings: $15 for 15 minutes (fitting fee applied toward the purchase of a carrier within 30 days.) Want to try on a specific carrier to better understand fitting? Heard about the ring sling just not sure? Have a stretchy wrap for a newborn but wondering where to go next? If you’re hoping to try one of our carriers with the guidance of a trained staff member, a fitting is the best choice for you. Our staff will work to fit you with the carrier of your choice so that you are prepared to bring your carrier home! Practical application will employ the use of a weighted doll. Once we are confident in your babywearing abilities, we will guide you through proper usage with your child.

As your baby grows, the use of your carrier may change as well. Receive free lifetime assistance with any carrier purchased at BiB.